SWEDEN- Sweden’s ministry of finance has asked the consulting alliance of Hewitt Wassum Investment Partners to evaluate the efficiency of the state run AP funds’ restructuring programme.

Four years ago the government decided to reorganise the six funds into four following an analysis by the Swedish branch of consultant William M Mercers, then headed by Mats Langensjö.

According to Langensjö, now managing director of Wassum Investment Consulting, the new project includes analyses of the strategic allocation and the investment and portfolio structures.

“We have been asked to see whether the new system was implemented as intended and, if it wasn’t, to make some recommendations.”

Last October Wassum announced an alliance with Hewitt Associates and the latter is currently merging with Bacon & Woodrow. Langensjö says the appointment is testimony to the strategic alliance’s success.

The study needs quick completion as it is for inclusion in a June parliamentary report.