SWITZERLAND – A Swiss asset manager has tendered three active equity mandates worth up to 60 million euros in total via IPE-Quest, covering Europe, Japan and Asia.

The first is a 20 million-euro European active equities mandate. Tenders are invited from managers who can offer one or more of the following asset classes: all-cap, large-cap and/or mid/small-cap. The preferred benchmark is the MSCI Europe/MSCI Europe Small Cap. Minimum expected tracking error is four percent and

The second is a 15-20 million-euro Japanese active equities mandate covering: All-Cap, Large-Cap and/or Mid/Small-Cap. The benchmark is MSCI Japan/Russell Nomura Japan Small Cap.

The third is a 15-20 million-euro Asia excluding Japan active equities mandate, benchmarked against the MSCI AC Asia Free ex Japan or MSCI AC Far East Free ex Japan or MSCI AC Pacific Free ex Japan. The minimum expected tracking error is six percent.

For all three mandates there is a minimum three-year track record required, with a target information ratio of 0.5+. The asset manager is reviewing the asset classes and will not necessarily replace or add to its existing asset managers. The closing date for all three is August 20.