Attendees at a seminar on pension management to be held next month in Switzerland, organised by the Bern-based Pension Education Centre (PEC), will be able to exchange experiences related to the reform of social security systems with colleagues from other countries. The seminar is primarily geared towards those involved in the implementation of social security systems in the so-called reform countries in Eastern Europe.
This is the first seminar organised by PEC, a foundation which was established earlier this year to provide suitable education and professional training for those involved in the reform and implementation of social security systems in developing countries. The foundation was created following an initiative of several Swiss institutions and is supervised by the Swiss Federal Department of Interior.
“The aim of this first seminar is to provide actuaries, investment managers, auditors and in general everyone involved on pension management in those countries, with the best assistance for them to find out more about the stage of their schemes,” says Warner Nussbaum, PEC’s chairman. It will also give the opportunity for participants to collaborate with the Swiss authorities as well as insurers, banks and pension funds.
“It’s going to be a very practical seminar where the best Swiss pension professionals will be able to exchange opinions with their colleagues in other countries,” he says.
People behind this project believe that education and training in the area of social security systems are crucial to improve the social welfare and economic prosperity of the countries involved, and that the knowledge of Swiss professionals can make a significant contribution.
Although the seminar will be limited to 30 participants, it will be broadcast to a number of countries by videolink.
The seminar will be held during the first week of October at the Gerzensee Study Centre. More seminars on pension management will be organised by PEC next year.