Donal Geaney is chairman and chief executive of drug delivery and biopharmaceutical firm, Elan Corporation, Ireland’s largest public company. Geaney joined Elan in 1987 as executive vice president, corporate planning before being elected to the board of directors in 1992 and later assuming the positions of president and chief operating officer. In 1997 he was elected chairman of the company. Geaney is also the non-executive chairman of the Irish Aviation Authority, and was recently appointed to the Bank of Ireland Court of Directors. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Ireland–United States Council and The Trinity Foundation.
Bob Curran is the ex second secretary of the Public Expenditure Division in Ireland’s Department of Finance. Curran joined the Department of Finance in 1961 and worked on national and regional economic development planning. From 1982 he was in charge of the Public Expenditure Division of the Department of Finance – the body responsible for the planning and control of public expenditure; for advising the minister of finance on policy issues relating to commercial state bodies, apart from the state-owned banks; and for policy on Public Private Partnerships. He retired from the department in 2001.
Brid Horan (pictured) is general manager pensions at ESB, the Irish electricity board, one of the largest Irish pension funds with over 13,000 members and pensioners. Horan is also a director of ESB International. An Associate of the Institute of Actuaries (AIA), she is also a certified management consultant, a member of the council of the Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF) and the chairperson of the IAPF Investment Committee. Before joining ESB in 1997, she headed KPMG’s pension and actuarial consulting business in Ireland, working with pension schemes from various industries in the public and private sectors.
Martin Kohlhaussen has been chairman of the supervisory board of Commerzbank, Frankfurt since 2001. A member of the Commerzbank board from 1982–2001, Kohlhaussen was also president of the Association of German Banks from 1997–2000. In 1999/2000 he was president of the International Monetary Conference.
Donald Roth is managing partner of the Emerging Markets Partnership, Washington DC, a private equity firm specialising in emerging markets investment. He is also a member of the advisory committee of the National Treasury Management Agency. Roth served as treasurer of the World Bank for several years before leaving to establish the firm where he now works.
Daniel Tully is chairman emeritus of Merrill Lynch & Co, the worldwide financial services corporation. Tully has spent his entire business career at Merrill Lynch, which he joined in 1955 in the accounting department. Tully served as chairman of the board at Merrill Lynch from June 1993– April 1997, and was chief executive officer from May 1992– December 1996. He also served as president of the Ireland– United States Council for Commerce and Industry from 1990–92 and as director of the New York Stock Exchange, including a term as vice chairman, from 1994–95.