EUROPE - Three new mandates have been tendered via the IPE-Quest system.

An insurance company/multi-manager in the UK has tendered a 50 million dollar US large-cap active equity mandate.

The client is interested in seeing submissions for Core, Growth and Value products, with their likely preferred benchmarks being: S&P 500, Russell 1000 Growth and Russell 1000 Value.

The successful asset manager will be expected to offer a segregated account. The closing date is May 15.

Separately, a Dutch pension fund has tendered a global long-short commodities mandate worth up to 50 million dollars.

The fund is “seeking exposure to commodities through a product that has commodity exposure only”. It is looking for a product that is pure long-short (i.e. non-funded) - but will not exclude managers who run this strategy as a hedge fund.

The fund is looking for alpha through active management of intra- and inter- commodity sector bets. Managers must have at least 100 million in assets under management and a two-year track record. The closing date is May 19.

And a Dutch pension fund has tendered a 22.5 million euro enhanced index global equities mandate. This search is being conducted by a Dutch-based consultant.

The mandate features global equities with fixed regional weights in an index enhanced/large cap core style. There is a preference for a combination of pooled products. There are no preferred benchmarks.

The maximum ex-ante tracking error for the whole mandate is 1.5% and the maximum ex-ante tracking error for the regional portfolios is 1.5%. The targeted information ratio is 0.6.

Regional weights: 55% Europe, 39% North America, six percent Far East (including Japan). Or 55% Europe and 45% world ex-Europe. The closing date is May 19.