NETHERLANDS - TKP Pensioen’s head of real estate investments, Koos Gerlofs, has retired.

He has been replaced by TKP portfolio manager and real estate analyst, Robert Jan Tel, 41.

Gerlofs, 62, left the pension scheme administrator and manager at the start of the month after almost 14 years in the role.

Before joining TKP, a subsidiary of the giant Dutch life insurer Aegon Nederland, he worked as deputy director at the closed-end property group Vaste Waarden Nederland NV (VWN) – now VastNed Offices/Industrial NV - in The Hague.

TKP Pensioen - which is due to take on the administration of pensions for the 5,000 members of the GE Pension Fund at the start of next year - is the largest corporate pension fund administrator in the Netherlands in terms of active fund members.

It currently services seven funds, including the Dutch logistics firm TPG with €3.69bn in assets and telecoms firm KPN, which has a €3.45bn pension fund.

TKP offers a variety of services including administration, consultancy and asset management. It is responsible for pension fund assets worth approximately €6bn.