UK - The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has cancelled a search for consultants in specialist disciplines such as design consultancy and business management following a review of the procurement process.

TPR initiated a search for consultants in September 2008 in five different areas as part of a new framework agreement, which included legal services, change management and communications relating to design and branding. (See earlier IPE article: TPR seeks consultants for specialist disciplines)

The closing date was set for October 2008 and it was expected that at least one of the positions would be filled by January 2009. However, a notice issued by the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) stated the search has now been cancelled.

TPR revealed the awarding process had been discontinued for the provision of business and management consultancy and related services, design consultancy services and legal services.

It stated: "A review of this procurement process has recently been undertaken by TPR and the decision made to terminate the process. This decision results from a change to the business requirements and the availability in some cases of appropriate frameworks elsewhere within the public sector. New contract notices will be published in OJEU to reflect the revised requirements."

Other tender searches initiated by TPR are continuing including a provider to develop an employer compliance regime for the new system of personal accounts; the establishment of a framework agreement for analytical services and a consultant to review the risks around defined contribution (DC) schemes. (See earlier IPE articles: TPR seeks support for employer compliance; TPR seeks consultancy for DC review and TPR seeks analytical services to boost offering)

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