The UK actuarial association has launched an initiative to explore how the profession could contribute to the achievement of UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) is seeking proposals from actuaries around the world on how they would address the question ‘How are actuaries relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals and how can they contribute to the goals being met?’

It said submissions could include practical examples of actuaries considering the SDGs in their work, evidence that demonstrates the impact of the SDGs on the actuarial profession as well as the industries that they work in, and evidence that demonstrates how the actuarial profession can help their clients and employers contribute towards the SDGs being met.

IFoA president Marjorie Ngwenya said: “Actuaries are experts in providing answers to complex questions around long-term global risk. We hope submissions will help to shape ideas and provide structure on how to channel that expertise.

“The aim is to contribute towards solutions which eradicate poverty and hunger, tackle climate change and ensure access to education and work for all.”

She said the UK association would work closely with actuarial bodies in other countries. 

The IFoA has already been pushing environmental issues up the actuarial profession’s agenda, with the new initiative seemingly indicating a broadening of its focus and ambition to social issues.