UK - The Pensions Ombudsman, which investigates and decides complaints and disputes about the way pension schemes are run, is looking for self-employed pensions investigators.

“As an investigator on this basis, you will work from home,” the office said on its web site. “You can choose how much time you spend on case work although the office will require a commitment as to how many cases you might complete and the time taken to complete each case.”

“You will be remunerated for each case that you satisfactorily complete. It is expected that you will not be working for any other organisation or body where you might be in contact with parties to matters before the Ombudsman.

“We would be particularly interested to hear from you if you have pensions knowledge, other financial services knowledge or perhaps have worked with another ombudsman's office.

“We look for people who are methodical, thorough and have good analytical skills. Investigators must have the ability to remain unbiased.”

The office would also be interested to hear from people with a legal background.