UK - The London Borough of Redbridge is tendering three equity mandates totaling £155m (€187m) for its local government pension scheme (LGPS), accounting for almost half of the scheme's March 2009 value.

The first tender, for a £125m passive equity mandate, asks applicants to include the UK market and Europe, as well as both the US and Japan.

Additionally, managers are required track the relevant market indices for each of these markets.

The council is happy to consider both a segregated or a pooled fund for the investment.

The smaller tender, a £30m actively managed equity investment, is divided into two separate mandates.

The first will see a manager invest in the Pacific Basin equity market, excluding Japan.

The final mandate requires a manager for an emerging market equity portfolio.

Redbridge Pension Fund held £313m in assets, according to its annual report for the 2008-09 financial period, a 11% drop over the previous year.

The majority of assets were invested in global equities at the time, with a further 32% in bonds and the remaining 3.4% in property.

Interested parties are invited to bid for both mandates of the latter tender, while all submissions should be made through the council's corporate accounting office by 7 September.

Further details can be obtained from the council itself.