UK - Tony Hobman, chief executive of The Pensions Regulator, is leaving next month to take the top job at a new education body for the UK financial services industry.

Hobman, who is also a member of the CEIOPS managing board, is leaving on 14 May to become CEO of the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB), which has been created by the UK government to improve consumers' knowledge of financial services and their ability to manage money.

This new body will take on responsibility for communicating the financial services education messages previously issued by the Financial Services Authority, under its Moneymadeclear brand.

"The creation of a separate agency emphasises the importance of financial education in improving the effectiveness of the UK's financial market for consumers," said Hector Sants, FSA chief executive.

"CFEB will be able to take a leading role in improving consumer understanding of money matters and, in turn, help to improve consumer confidence in financial services," he added.

Hobman has been at TPR for five years, and was the first pensions regulator when the body was formed in 2005. Prior to that, he was chief executive of the industry's predecessor, the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (OPRA).

TPR will now begin the recruitment process to find his replacement.

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