UK – The Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority, in a bid to become “more flexible, proactive, advisory and risk-focused”, is seeking three new directors.

The regulator, set up in 1996, has come under fire for being obsessed with details at the expense of the “big picture” of pension regulation.

“Following a National Audit Office report and the five-year review of Opra, we’re developing a strategy to become more flexible, proactive, advisory and risk-focused,” the regulator says in a job advertisement.

“Now we’re looking for three new directors to play key roles in making this vision a reality.”

The jobs – Strategic Policy Director, Operations Director and technical Services Director - will be based in Brighton in southern England. The jobs carry salaries of 70,000-80,000 pounds (97,000-111,000 euros).

The Strategic Policy Director will “take the lead in developing the future shape of the entire organisation”. The Operations director will operate at “the sharp end” while the Technical Services Director will run legal, actuarial and pension scheme auditing and accounting services.