Unigestion has appointed Christophe de Dardel as chief executive officer, subject to regulatory approval, to replace Fiona Frick who has decided to step back from her executive responsibilities after 12 years as CEO.

Having dedicated 32 years to Unigestion, Frick will now pursue “other interests close to her heart” as a board member and consultant on investment allocation and sustainability issues, the firm announced.

Frick will also devote time to creating bridges between the finance industry, sustainability and academia, it said.

“I am thrilled that Christophe has been appointed as our new CEO. His values, professionalism and vision will make him the best leader for Unigestion’s future; for its clients and employees,” Frick said.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Bernard Sabrier [group chair] and Patrick Fenal [deputy chair]. Their trust, vision and guidance over the many years we have worked together have been second to none. They created some tremendous opportunities that I would have never thought of for myself. I wish them, Christophe and everyone at Unigestion the very best of luck for the future,” she added.

De Dardel, who has worked for Unigestion as head of private equity for 22 years, will become CEO on 1 January 2023, having successfully integrated Akina into Unigestion’s private equity business in 2017 and grown private equity assets under management to $11bn, making it Unigestion’s largest investment line.

He will remain closely involved in the private equity business and will continue with his role on the private equity investment committee, as well as working to develop Unigestion’s highly-regarded equity investment line and its multi asset and wealth management activities.

“I am honoured to be taking on this role. Unigestion is home to many talented people who work incredibly hard to serve our clients and I am excited by the opportunity to work with them to develop our business across its three investment lines – private equity, equities and multi-asset and wealth management,” he said.

Sabrier commented: “On behalf of all our stakeholders I wish to express my gratitude to Fiona. Her leadership and guidance over the years have been second to none.”

He added: “Furthermore, she helped us diversify and institutionalise Unigestion, and embrace the complex challenges on sustainability issues. We wish her the best for her future endeavours.”

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