AUSTRIA - Employee representatives of onboard staff at Austrian Airlines Group (AUA) have consented to a 75% cut in company contributions to their pension fund for one year

AUA has cut contributions to the pensionskasse, which are currently 4% for pilots and 3% for other onboard staff, by 75% from April 1, as part of a package of measures to help the struggling airlines group. (See earlier IPE story: AUA mulls flight from pensions payment)

Other measures will include reduced working hours for the 2,000 flight attendants and the 1,000 pilots waiving parts of their wages, and all measures are to be taken for one year.

“With this package we can realise the necessary personnel cost reductions and counteract the expected losses,” commented Peter Malanik and Andreas Bierwirth from the AUA board of directors.

“We have negotiated very long and intensively and this result shows the willingness of the on-board staff to contribute their bit to the future of the Austrian Airlines Group,” said worker representative Georg Riedl.

“With this agreement lay-offs and further drastic measures in a critical phase could be prevented,” said Wilhelm Haberzettel from the union vida.