DENMARK - Erik Adolphsen, chief executive at MP Pension/Unipension in Denmark, will leave the pension fund at the end of this month.

Adolphsen, who has been succeeded by Christina Lage, joined MP Pension/Unipension in 2010 after he retired from Industriens Pension the year before.

He told IPE: "After I left Industriens Pension, Unipension asked me to join them for a short period of time. It actually lasted 13 months in total, but was not meant to be that long."

Adolphsen, who said he was not looking for any other job opportunities in future, will remain a board member at two other pension plans owned by PKA.

He started in the pension industry in the 1990s, joining Industriens Pension in 1994, where he was chief executive.

Unipension hired Lage, Nordea Invest's former chief executive, as its new managing director in early June.

Lage joined Unipension - which manages three professional collective pension funds, with joint assets of around DKK80bn (€10.7bn) - on 1 September.

In the past, she has worked also worked at Nordea Life & Pensions, as well as the Danish parliament.