NETHERLANDS – The €400m Dutch pension fund of ICT provider Unisys has appointed Syntrus Achmea (SA) as its new pensions administrator.

The pension fund provides two pension plans for its 2,600 participants: defined contribution (DC) arrangements for workers who have joined the company since 1 September 2012, and a hybrid average-salary defined benefit (DB) scheme with DC arrangements for the part of the salary above €60,187.

Until now, the Unisys scheme has been carrying out the pensions administration in-house.

Geert Bierlaagh, director of the pension fund, said: "We have been looking for a provider who could easily carry out DC and DB plans simultaneously. Syntrus Achmea is familiar with our sector, and has several ICT companies among its clients.

"Because it has listened properly to our wishes, we have much confidence in the cooperation. Moreover, it could guarantee continuity in the provision and also offered state-of-the-art service."

The Unisys scheme further indicated that cost saving was also an important criterion for its decision to choose Syntrus Achmea.

Earlier this week, the €1bn pension fund for vets decided to extend its contract for pensions administration and board support with Syntrus Achmea for five more years.

Ton de Ruijter, chairman of the Pensioenfonds voor Dierenartsen, stressed that the continuation of the contract was not an automatic decision but was due to "good performance, personal contacts, the constructive cooperation and the renewal process".

Syntrus Achmea carries out pensions administration for more than 70 pension funds.