EUROPE - There are just two days left before the final nominations for the OUTSTANDING INDUSTRY CONTRIBUTION  award closes for IPE's European Pension Fund Awards  2009.

Nine names have been presented and all you have to do is email your top three preferred winners to Robert Watson at IPE to make sure your vote is counted.

We'd like your nominations for both the Outstanding Industry Contribution and Best Investment Consultancy awards, so the nominations are:

Outstanding Industry Contribution 2009
* Jan Willem van Stuijvenberg
In 2002, Jan Willem van Stuijvenberg was the first to provide a performance and risk application that incorporated assets versus liabilities risk management in a mark to market environment. His method of defining an investable liabilities benchmark to compare the assets with has become a broadly adopted approach and he provides free help and tools on his company's website.
* Chris Verhaegen
Chris Verhaegen has put in over 20 years of front-line work representing Europe's pension funds to European Union Institutions. She has been Secretary General of the European Federation for Retirement Provision (EFRP) for over ten years, having previously worked for nine years at the Belgian Pension Fund Association.
*John Finch
John Finch joined HSBC Actuaries and Consultants in 1997 from Norwich Union Investment Management where he was manager of their Pension Fund Investment Service. He spent the previous 17 years with the Confederation of Pensions Investment Management. In his current role, he advises major clients on investment strategy, manager selection and performance monitoring.
* Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook has been instrumental in promoting discussion within the sector and closing the gap between fund/asset managers and pension fund managers. Trevor is currently executive director of The European Pension Fund Investment Forum and founder of Specialist Pension Services and SPS Conferences. He also advises pension funds and other investment institutions throughout Europe and in the United States.
* Angela Docherty
From the development of Univest's concept to the implementation of a unique and global tax efficient pooling vehicle, Angela has continued to challenge assumptions and innovate within the European pension industry. In addition, she has also helped many communities in Africa and Latin America through New Ways, the charity where she is chief executive.
* Antoine de Salins
Membre du Directoire of the French FRR, Antoine de Salins has a reputation for standing firm during the financial crisis, facing intense market turmoil. De Salins was formerly a senior figure in the French treasury and a national representative at European level. Under his guidance the FFR became one of the first European public pension funds to adopt SRI/ESG concepts across its entire investment base.
* Anton van Nunen
Anton van Nunen invented the fiduciary model, which is a solution for pension funds' boards wanting to outsource areas such as portfolio construction and manager selection without losing control of the overall process. In practice, many see it as the way forward in pension funds and insurance companies managing their assets. It has been an outstanding success in the Netherlands and the UK is fast catching on.
* Mark De Wijs
Mark De Wijs has a long career in pension scheme management. Recently, he has been devoting much of his time to being chairman of A-ere - a pan-European organisation offering pension scheme management, training and guidance. The result of international cooperation between national EU pension fund associations, he likens A-ere to the UK's NAPF's and Pensions Regulator's courses and education programmes but on a Europe-wide basis.
* Robin Claessens
Robin Claessens is chief executive officer at the Invensys Pension Plan where he has shown leadership and innovation in addressing the complex margining needs of a pension scheme with multiple asset managers and use of OTC derivatives, resulting in operationally more efficient solutions for his asset managers and better control over the inherent risks in OTC derivatives.

Consultant of the Year 2009

Bfinance Cardano Risk Management Feri International Advisers Hewitt HSBC Actuaries & Consultants Insti7 Mercer Ortec Finance Redington Partners Russell Watson Wyatt

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