UK – The Association of Consulting Actuaries has voted Adrian Waddingham, a founding partner of consulting firm Barnett Waddingham, as chairman.

He succeeds Mercer Human Resource Consulting worldwide partner Gordon Pollock. Pollock’s two-year term of office ends on May 31.

Waddingham has been the ACA’s honorary secretary since 1999 and is also vice chairman of the International Association of Consulting Actuaries.

Waddingham said: "It is a great honour to be elected chairman of the Association, but I also take on the role at a very challenging time."

"The huge changes that are taking place in pension provision, particularly in the occupational sector, require that our members are pro-active in their advice to clients.

“The ACA offers both a forum to consider initiatives and, just as important, will continue to offer the government clear advice on how it should progress with its pension reforms.”

"The ACA is certain that the key to improving pension provision in the UK is to make sure that the pensions framework encourages employers to run good schemes.

“That was after all how good pension provision came about in this country.”

The actuarial profession in the UK is currently being reviewed by Sir Derek Morris in the wake of failures at life insurers. Waddingham said: “We must ensure that any reforms he may recommend are well considered, taking on board the views of our members and, even more important, those of our clients.”

The outgoing chairman said: “With the implementation of the Pensions Bill falling into his term of office, his leadership skills will be invaluable to the ACA and those in Government and elsewhere who rely on our Association‚s advice and guidance".

The ACA’s new honorary secretary is Hewitt Bacon & Woodrow principal Keith Barton. Waddingham set up Waddingham & Co in 1987.