Watsons launches benefit tracking tool for cross-border operators
GLOBAL – Reigate-based global consultancy firm, Watson Wyatt, has launched a new internet-based platform designed to allow companies to track and manage benefits, compensation, pensions and other financial data between business units and across countries.

Specifically, Watson Wyatt says the new system, called BenTrack, has advanced reporting functions with the ability to generate side-by-side comparisons of benefits and pensions between companies internationally.

It makes corporate governance easier, according to Watson Wyatt, by enabling international companies to monitor their local schemes’ compliance to local market regulation and their local competitiveness.

Furthermore, the new system allows pension funds’ investment performance to be tracked; stores both current and historical financial and accounting data according to accepted international accounting principles; and gives up-to-date information on social security and pension systems around the world, says Watson Wyatt.