Web launch taps into closed-end market

Related Categories, a new web site launched in August, will soon provide the most complete information of closed-end funds to institutional and private investors. Simon Gamse, fund-info European representative says that before this launch, “there was a gap in the marketplace for good and reliable information”.
“We have at least twice the number of funds and four to five times the amount of data than any other site,” he says. “We also provide annual reports and news releases on individual trusts with price information in dollar, sterling, euro and the local currency. No one else is doing that.”
With 75% of the information now working and the remaining 25% to be available in the coming weeks, fund-info also offers easy navigation. “Once everything is fixed you’ll never be more than three clicks away from the information you are looking for.” says Gamse.
The end-users get the information for free as long as the fund group had paid to be shown in the system. “Hopefully a lot of fund groups will choose to pay and stay in the system. Otherwise users will have to pay a small monthly subscription,” says Gamse. Some 48% fund-info’s users are from the US, 23% from the UK, and the rest from all around the world. “We have about 100,000 end-users and we still haven’t been out marketing,” he says.

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