4 March 2020

Interest in ESG investments continues to grow as the number of indexed ESG assets more than doubled from 2018 to 2019. What’s still under discovery is the role data can play. In other words, as investors and corporates continue to fine-tune their focus on financial and environmental performance, how can data inform decision-making and provide greater transparency? Join S&P DJI and our data scientists at SAM and Trucost, both part of S&P Global, to explore how and why data is critical to ESG portfolio construct and its practical application for investors. Topics will include:Assessing the current market landscape and the increasing role of data in core and climate-related strategiesWhy ESG index data is a structural element in passive investing from core to low carbon climate strategiesHow to gather industry-specific and financially material insights through deep ESG engagement with corporations, and how to use those insights to manage long-term risk.

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