UK - ABN Amro Mellon’s chief financial officer John van Verre has been appointed chief commercial officer in the first of two board-level changes announced today.

Former Euronext Amsterdam executive director Pim Nederpel has been selected to replace van Verre as CFO.

Van Verre succeeds Paulo Sousa, who is returning to ABN Amro in Amsterdam. The Dutch bank is a 50:50 partner in the venture with Mellon Financial Corp.

“It’s been a privilege to have been a part of ABN Amro Mellon from the outset and in such a key position,” said van Verre.

“I look forward to contributing even further to ensure the continued commercial growth and success of the organisation.”

As CCO, van Verre will be responsible for the commercial growth of ABN Amro Mellon, and overseeing client satisfaction and retention with relationship management heads René Wiegel and Nigel Taylorson. He will also continue to be a managing board member.

Van Verre held the CFO position since the company’s formal launch in January 2003, said a statement released today.

ABN Amro Mellon chief executive Nadine Chakar was “delighted” with Nederpel’s appointment.

“His expertise and experience are already proving to be great assets to our company, and his abilities have ensured a very smooth transition for John van Verre to his new role as CCO, following John’s excellent contribution as CFO to our company since 2003.

“These are two vitally important positions and they are critical to the sustained growth and success of our organisation as a leading global custody provider,” she said.