Alfred Kool

  • Special Report

    How to raise pensions awareness

    November 2007 (Magazine)

    Alfred Kool suggests a way in which pension funds can organise the communication of information to their members in an efficient and professional way

  • Features

    Going against the investment grain

    May 2007 (Magazine)

    The solution to Holland’s pension problems lies in a system with more focus on pay-as-you-go systems and less on funded systems, say the authors of a new book. Alfred Kool finds out why

  • Features

    Rewarding pension fund communication

    February 2007 (Magazine)

    New legislation will make it mandatory for Dutch pension funds to supply their members with up to date information about their progress and a new awards scheme should help them to sharpen up their communication skills, says Alfred Kool

  • Features

    Trade unions try another tactic

    November 2006 (Magazine)

    With solidarity weakening, and the young growing suspicious of the pensions wealth of the old, Dutch trade unions are adopting new tactics to win new members, says Alfred Kool

  • Features

    Market conduct under microscope

    February 2006 (Magazine)

    Under the renewed Dutch pension law, one of the new tasks of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) will be the supervision of the quality of information pension funds provide their members and pensioners with a second supervisor for the funds. Within the pensions industry this announcement caused ...

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    More to communication than links

    November 2005 (Magazine)

    Consensus is growing both within and outside of the pension world that clearness and transparency about complex pension schemes is needed. Yet the quality of communication between funds and participants and pensioners is often criticised. Have pension funds and insurers not yet found the best way to communicate, or is ...