Austria’s APK Pensionskasse has recorded 4.2% in returns for 2020, outperforming the results of local pension funds.

According to the latest figures released by the local occupational pension fund association, FVPK, Austrian Pensionskassen recovered from a -10% stand at the time of the equity market downturn in Q1 2020 to 2.55% at the end of the year.

Christian Böhm, chief executive officer of APK pension fund, said the group remains a “reliable partner” for occupational pensions “in times of economic uncertainty”.

An important element in order to be a reliable partner is a prudent assessment of how to invest retirement capital, he said, adding that “the investment results in 2020, but also that of the years before, is a proof of this”.

The APK Vorsorgekasse posted returns of 1.8% in 2020, below the 9.9% for 2019, a record year with the best returns since the inception of the Vorsorgekasse in 2003, and above average for the occupational Vorsorgekasse’s 5.74%.

The APK Vorsorgekasse has recorded returns of 2.6% per year over a period of three-years, and of 2.5% per year over a five-year period.

The best year for the APK Pensionskasse was 2019 with average investment returns on investment of 14.2%, according to the pension fund’s latest financial statement.

The number of persons entitled to pensions rose by 2.7% to 138,960. Assets under management jumped by 16.4% year-on-year in 2019 to €5.2bn.

Asset allocation last year saw equities denominated in euro remain unchanged at 9%, while the share of other equity allocations increased by 4% to 25%.

For government bonds denominated in euro, allocation decreased from 12% to 7%, while investments in other bonds rose from 41% to 45%.

Alternatives and real estate investments remained unchanged at 5% each.

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