Denmark’s ATP has established an advisory board for its new unit ATP Long Term Danish Equity (ATP Langsigtet Dansk Kapital) – the division it set up last summer to channel capital directly into domestic companies – and appointed three business leaders to sit on it.

The three new advisory board members are Niels Jacobsen, chief executive officer of William Demant Invest; Marianne Kirkegaard, executive chair of Baker & Baker and André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany.

Bo Foged, ATP’s CEO, who will also be part of the advisory board, said: “I am incredibly happy that we have three such competent people at the table. Niels, Marianne and André contribute with a breadth and experience that speaks for itself.

“Both the investment team and the companies in which we will invest will be able to draw on their skills, which will undoubtedly make Long Term Danish Equity an even more attractive co-investor,” he said.

Initially, ATP Long Term Danish Equity – which is being run by a small investment team based in the pension fund’s Hillerød headquarters under the leadership of Anja Eriksson – is to focus on companies that are facing business and, or ownership transformation, according to the pension fund.

It is looking for cases where it can achieve ownership interests of between 10% and 49%, and the ATP board has so far allocated DKK6bn (€806m) for such investments over the next three years.

A spokesman for ATP told IPE the unit had not yet made any investments.

The new panel will be involved both in the assessment of potential investments as well as giving advice, once investments have been made, he said.

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