NETHERLANDS - Dutch citizens less than 65 years of age accrued yearly pension rights of €8,100 on average in 2008, according to research by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The CBS concluded that if everyone continued saving for a pension at this pace, they would have built up a pension claim of €19,800 a year on average at 65.

The pension claims in 2008 comprised €4,600 of the state pension AOW, with the remaining €3,500 from labour-related pensions, the CBS said.

It added that almost 50% of the potential yearly pension rights is the AOW, which is accrued at a yearly rate of 2% by every citizen of between 15 and 65 who lives in the Netherlands.

According to the statistics institute, with €24,900 on average, workers have the largest pension claim, as they have saved a relatively large part of their pension - in a mandatory participation - through their employer.

More than 60% of the Dutch population between 15 and 65 is an employee, the CBS said.

In contrast, labour-related pension rights of self-employed are relatively low, as they often make provisions themselves - through annuity insurance, for example.

In addition, a large proportion of the self-employed have assets at their disposal for retirement, the CBS said. It found that 80% of over 55s have assets in excess of €20,000.

Almost 7% of the Dutch population is self-employed.