Aviva Investors has hired nine new people for its equities business — eight of which are coming from rival Standard Life Investments (SLI), which became part of newly-formed Aberdeen Standard Investments last year. 

The recruitment spree follows Aviva’s hiring of David Cumming at the turn of this year as CIO for equities, with Cumming leaving the top equities role at SLI after 20 years with the firm.

The highest profile hires in this latest round are Mikhail Zverev and Alistair Way — previously head of global equities and head of emerging market equities at SLI — who are joining Aviva Investors as head of global equities and head of global emerging market equities, respectively.

Both men will report to Cumming, as will Henry Flockhart and Adam McInally, who are coming to Aviva Investors as UK equity portfolio managers.

Cumming said: “We are delighted to attract such high-calibre, experienced individuals with strong performance track records to Aviva Investors, and look forward to them joining the team in the coming months.”

The appointments — along with more hires planned for this year — would complete the creation of “strong, integrated teams” in the firm’s key areas of global, emerging markets, Europe, US and UK equities, he said.

Commenting on today’s announcement, a spokesman for Aberdeen Standard Investments said: “Inevitably when you integrate two investment teams there will be some departures.” 

“We’re grateful for their hard work over the years and are pleased that they have now found new roles in Edinburgh,” he added.

Aviva Investors’ Edinburgh office opens at the end of July. 

Following the merger, Aberdeen Standard Investments said Stephen Docherty had been appointed head of global equities and Devan Kaloo as head of EM equities.

Before the two firms merged, Aberdeen AM had the most assets under management in emerging markets, Asia Pacific and global equities of the two managers, while SLI had more assets under management in developed markets, the spokesman pointed out.

Other new hires from SLI for Aviva Investors are Jaime Ramos Martin, and Ross Mathison, who will join as global equities portfolio managers, reporting to Zverev.

Jonathan Taub and Will Malcom — also from SLI — are coming to Aviva Investors as global emerging markets portfolio managers, reporting to Way.

In addition, Aviva Investors is hiring Stephanie Niven as a global equities portfolio manager, from Tesco Pension Investment.

She will be based in London while the other eight will work in Aviva Investors’ Edinburgh office, which opens at the end of July.