UK – Baring Asset Management (BAM) has launched a ‘five sector’ fund, which will invest in companies across five global sectors that the company believes offer strong opportunities for growth.

The Baring Leading Sector Fund will invest in technology, media, telecoms, healthcare and financial stocks with the firm seeking to avoid the volatility associated with single sector funds in areas such as technology.

The launch comes on the back of research by BAM showing that despite the turmoil of tech stocks last year, 72% of private investors surveyed said more consideration needs to be given to industry sectors when picking successful funds of the future.

According to BAM, 62% of those questioned also noted that companies in technology, media and telecoms represent some of the best growth opportunities to be found.

The research also revealed that the influence of sectors in global markets has risen considerably over the last five years to equal that of countries.
Five years ago, BAM says, the country effect was one and a half to two times more important than that of sectors.