BELGIUM - Belgian minister Bruno Tobback has proposed one general pension system be available for all Belgians after leaving school.

The socialist party minister’s proposal forms part of the ongoing discussion in Belgian regarding the financial future of the pension system.

Currently, Belgium has a three pillar system, with different pension arrangements for employees, civil servants and the self-employed. Tobback proposes to change the current system in the next five to 10 years to a national system for all.

In a response, senator Jan Steverlynck of the Flemish Christian Democrats (CD&V), criticised Tobbak’s proposals. According to Steverlynck, the best way to change the current system is to implement the new pension legislation enacted in 2003. This law has been a major step towards one pension system for all, in his view.

According to Steverlynck, ministers Tobback and Laruelle have still not implemented the 20903 law giving IT and administrative problems as the reasons for the delay.