Carolyn Hayman

Co-chair of Preventable Surprises

  • Raj Thamotheram

    Long Term Matters: Learning from COVID-19

    May 2020 (Magazine)

    As the tide of the Second World War was turning in favour of the Allies, there was a ferment of discussion – initially bottom up – about how to build a better world when the war was over. While loved ones were fighting overseas and people at home were struggling with rationing and movement restrictions, some made the time to think about the future. The Bretton Woods Agreement, establishing fixed exchange rates, happened ten months before the war ended in Europe.

  • Opinion Pieces

    Climate risk: Action on demand

    December 2017 (Magazine)

    We are winning the war against tobacco, at least in the developed world. Yet, we are losing the war to keep global warming to less than 2°C