Will Nicoll M&G

Viewpoint: Learning from the Nordics for impact investing

2021-07-23T13:10:00+01:00By Will Nicoll

A meaningful allocation is important

Didier Saint Georges at Carmignac

Viewpoint: Time to start rebalancing portfolios

2021-07-07T15:42:00+01:00By Didier Saint-Georges

A whiff of ‘stagflation’ – meaning an economic slowdown accompanied by higher inflation – could soon be wafting into financial market

venilia amorim

Social risks impact on employer covenant

July/August 2021 (Magazine)By

The UK’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) recent consultation – Consideration of social risks and opportunities by occupational pension schemes – seeks to assess how trustees understand ‘social’ factors and how they aim to integrate financially material social factors into investment and stewardship activities.

Luigi Serenelli

Notes from Switzerland: Work in progress

July/August 2021 (Magazine)By Luigi Serenelli

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce: now another referendum result in Switzerland is poised to obstruct changes designed for a long-term impact. 

Susanna Rust

ESG: progress but still much road to travel

July/August 2021 (Magazine)By

Good things are happening in the land of ESG. Aspects of the European Commission’s sustainable finance action plan regulation have certainly been frustrating, but the sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR), for example, does look like it could end up having a beneficial effect, even though there are still problems associated with it and the effect is perhaps not the one that was envisaged for the SFDR.