Martin Foden at RLAM

Viewpoint: Long-term lenders ideally placed to drive ESG conversations

2021-01-15T12:17:00+00:00By Martin Foden

With the world facing considerable and pressing environmental and social problems, the investment world has a critical role to play in addressing issues such as climate change, inequality and discrimination

Jorge Moreira da Silva at OECD

Viewpoint: Blended finance and impact

2021-01-11T16:42:00+00:00By Jorge Moreira da Silva

Delivering the 2030 Agenda in the COVID-19 era and beyond

Liam Kennnedy

Social purpose: the new dimension

January 2021 (Magazine)By

Investors’ attention turned to human capital issues in 2020 as COVID-19 took hold – including the treatment of staff and other stakeholders, as well as dividend policy and executive pay in cases where companies have received taxpayer support.upport.

Daniel Ben-Ami

Japan is not that different

January 2021 (Magazine)By

One of the abiding myths about Japan is that it is different from everywhere else. Not just distinctive in the sense that all countries have peculiarities but uniquely different.

carlo svaluto moreolo

The real meaning of engagement

January 2021 (Magazine)By

Empirical evidence suggests that individuals are unengaged with DC pensions. This is demonstrated by the vast majority of DC members remaining in default funds and reluctant to increase contributions.