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Beyond green ambitions

January 2020 (Magazine)By

Europe has lofty ambitions as it positions the European Green Deal as Europe’s growth plan for the coming decade and beyond


Time for a positive impact on investing

January 2020 (Magazine)By

The focus on sustainability and impact investing is expected to continue to grow, with potential regulatory and policy responses having wide-ranging investment implications


Systemic risk may be underestimated

January 2020 (Magazine)By

Underestimating the scale of systemic risk within the asset management industry is a mistake. For several years, macroprudential authorities including the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England have argued that asset management activities are becoming systemically more risky.


A precarious balance

January 2020 (Magazine)By

Why has there not been another global financial crisis over the past decade? That is a more fruitful question than trying to predict when the next bout of market mayhem will hit.

liam ipe dec 2019

Can we all be Canadian?

December 2019 (Magazine)By

As we approach the 2020s, what have we learned about pension investing in the last 20 years?