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    Active management is back on the menu for US pensions

    December 2023 (Magazine)

    Rising rates and market volatility are forcing US pension funds to rethink their approach to passive and active investing. They are realising that their US stock portfolios are not diversified enough to help protect against a correction. But change may not come so fast.

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    SEC cracks down on private equity and hedge funds

    November 2023 (Magazine)

    Pension funds, university endowments, insurance funds, and other institutional investors have long called for more transparency about their investments in private equity and hedge funds. 

  • Lettter from the US
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    US pension funds hone in on private credit

    October 2023 (magazine)

    Private credit has been one of the fastest growing asset classes in the institutional world over the past several years, according to Catherine Beard, senior vice-president in consultancy Callan’s alternatives group. 

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    ESG remains mired in politics in the US

    September 2023 (Magazine)

    “I am not going to use the word ESG because it’s been misused by the far left and the far right,” said BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in a conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June. 

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    Letter from US: Annuities move into the US market

    July/August 2023 (Magazine)

    Three of the largest players in the US pension industry are launching new products that offer annuities as a retirement savings distribution option. Millions of Americans will soon have access to pension-like investments in their 401(k) plans thanks to BlackRock, Fidelity Investments, and State Street Global Advisors. The other large player in the US market, Vanguard, will not take part in this new trend.

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    US: state enrolment systems gain traction

    June 2023 (Magazine)

    There are signs that the US state-facilitated retirement savings plans are starting to have a positive impact on both the creation and uptake of private pension plans.

  • Michele Giuditta
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    US: Politics drive ESG debate

    May 2023 (Magazine)

    Three Republican candidates for the White House are vocal advocates against pension funds adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment practices. 

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    US: Private equity losses weigh on pension funds

    April 2023 (Magazine)

    US public pension funds should brace for a big negative surprise when they prepare their reports for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2023. Only then will their returns reflect losses from 2022 in their private equity (PE) portfolios.

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    US: Sponsors back pension buyouts

    February 2023 (magazine)

    In 2022, pension risk transfer (PRT) deals in the US reached a record of over $50bn (€46.5bn), according to estimates. And many industry observers expect demand from plan sponsors for PRT solutions to remain strong in 2023.

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    US: Republican House will not divert from SECURE 2.0

    January 2023 (Magazine)

    The new Republican majority in the US House of Representatives is not large enough to have a significant impact on the retirement industry. 

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    US: Pension plans face up to a tough 2022

    November 2022 (Magazine)

    After the terrible returns of the fiscal year that ended in June, what will US public pension funds do? Will they increase their risky investments to try to reach their target returns? Or will they lower their target returns?

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    US: Transparency concerns over SEC private market disclosure rules

    October 2022 (Magazine)

    Will the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) new climate risk reporting rules bring more transparency to private markets? Or will they have the unintended consequences of increasing the opacity of the markets? 

  • Neeraj Baxi
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    US: The great unfreeze - does it make sense to reopen DB plans?

    September 2022 (Magazine)

    US defined benefit (DB) public and corporate pension funds are responding differently to inflationary pressures. Public schemes are more concerned about the negative impact of financial market turmoil on their returns, while corporates are enjoying the rising discount rates that are lowering their liabilities and improving their funded status. 

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    US: A cautious approach on private assets in DC plans

    July/August 2022 (Magazine)

    Will 2022 be the year when private equity is finally incorporated in US defined contribution (DC) plan line-ups? Possibly, following the Department of Labor’s (DoL’s) clarification of its position in a letter last December. But it will be a very slow process, according to industry experts.

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    US: Fidelity’s retirement account crypto move raises concerns

    June 2022 (Magazine)

    Even six months ago it looked like crypto investing was not going to become mainstream any time soon in 401(k) plans – and since then Bitcoin has halved in value. But the market’s sentiment and trend are changing very quickly. So much so that Fidelity Investments has now become the first major retirement-plan provider to allow investors to add a Bitcoin account to their 401(k). The move was announced in late April.

  • Linda-Eling Lee
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    US: The SEC’s new climate disclosure rule is a watershed

    May 2022 (Magazine)

    Most investors, asset managers and consultants look like they are in favour. 

  • Brad Lander - IPE April 2022
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    Letter from US: US pension funds decide on Russian holdings

    April 2022 (Magazine)

    “We support efforts at all levels of government and across the public and private sectors, which include cross-functional and multi-agency partnerships, to divest State Treasury and pension funds from investments in Russian-domiciled companies. We are committed to taking steps that include divesting as soon as possible to have the quickest and most meaningful impact on this tragic situation.”

  • Letter from US - Craig Slaughter
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    Letter from US: ESG faces backlash in some US states over fossil fuels

    March 2022 (Magazine)

    Is there a backlash against the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing movement? 

  • Gregg Levinson
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    Letter from US: Upcoming court ruling could create complications for DC plan sponsors

    February 2022 (Magazine)

    By the first half of this year, the United States Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision that could affect the defined-contribution (DC) industry. The case is Hughes vs Northwestern University, one of about 150 similar class-action lawsuits filed nationally in the past few years, alleging that plan fiduciaries breached their duty of prudence under ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

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    Letter from US: Liquidity tops the agenda for US pension plans

    January 2022 (Magazine)

    Monitoring and managing liquidity will be a major issue for many US pension funds in 2022. The risk of a liquidity crunch affects public systems above all, but corporate plans are not immune.