SWEDEN - Sweden's fourth national pension fund Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4) has lost its head of corporate governance, Annika Andersson, who has now chosen to focus on an existing university role and potential new board appointments.

Andersson has worked at AP4 in various roles for the last 18 years and was head of corporate governance and information since 2005.

She told IPE: "I will focus on my role as vice-chairman of the medical university Karolinska Institutet, and I will join the board of Pantor Engineering.

"Over time, I will take on more board assignments and act as adviser in the area of corporate governance, information and sustainability."

Arne Lööw, senior manager of corporate governance at AP4, will take over responsibility for corporate governance at the fund, she said.

The AP fund system is currently awaiting the results of a comprehensive government review.

The appraisal, headed by industry veteran Mats Langensjö, was launched last year and is reportedly due to present its report in the next few days.

The investment rules and governance structures of the first four AP funds were to be examined in the review, as well as the implications of a possible consolidation of their assets into fewer vehicles.

Andersson said her departure from AP4 had nothing to do with the review.