EUROPE – Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) is launching two new Luxembourg domiciled funds on May 14, a European convertible bond fund and a specialist global healthcare equity fund.

According to the fund manager, the convertible bond fund, managed by Winifred Robbins, will focus on companies with steady earnings within growing sectors.
“Convertibles offer investors an opportunity to benefit both from the upside potential of equities, whilst also being able to benefit from some downside protection during periods of market weakness,” says Robbins.

The global healthcare fund, run by Emil Doerig, will invest primarily in large to mid-cap companies operating in the pharmaceutical, hospital supplies, medical technology and biotechnology areas, as well as firms that provide services to the healthcare industry.
“We have witnessed an increasing appetite among both institutional and private investors for opportunities to invest in this sector, which has historically provided good above average rates of return. However, many investors do not have access to the technological and sector expertise to invest knowledgeably and confidently,” says Doerig.

CSAM’s convertible fund is benchmarked against UBS Warburg’s European convertible index and the healthcare fund is benchmarked against MSCI’s healthcare index.
Both of the funds are currently available in Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, and are waiting for registration in Germany, Italy and Spain.