DENMARK - A Danish corporate pension fund is searching for an active investment manager to handle a $70m (€50m) All-Cap Value global equity mandate, using IPE Quest.

Details of QN491 reveal the mandate is for an all-cap value global development markets segregated account, benchmarked to the MSCI World Value TR but with a minimum tracking error of 3%.

More specifically, the notice states the pension fund is looking for an active manager "preferably with a fundamental approach, a proven process, a good track record and relatively low turnover".

Officials state they would prefer an asset manager focused "more on creating good performance than on growing the assets" while the portfolio should be run by a lead portfolio manager with "long seniority in the product/strategy" and backed by a team of analysts.

Minimum track record to be quoted is three years while preferred minimum is five years.

Applications must be submitted by June 30 2008, with performance data gross of fees and stated to May 31, 2008.