Deborah Cooper

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    EIOPA's draft response to the EC on Solvency II

    February 2012 (Magazine)

    The consultation issued by EIOPA, on its draft response to the EC’s questions about how Solvency II can be amended to apply to pension schemes, closed on 2 January 2012. EIOPA had been asked for advice on how to meet the EC’s objectives of simplifying setting up cross border schemes, modernising the prudential regulation of defined contribution schemes and enabling IORPs to take advantage of risk mitigation techniques. A key procedural objective for the EC is for a consistent regulatory structure to apply across the financial services sector, and it believes this can be achieved by adapting the principles underlying Solvency II for pension schemes.

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    A step towards a more secure retirement

    August 2006 (Magazine)

    Deborah Cooper puts the Government's National Savings Pensions Scheme proposals to the test and finds a lot of detail still needs to be decided