GERMANY – Deutsche Börse’s exchange-traded funds (ETF) now cover almost three quarters (70%) of the European trade in the relatively new investment vehicles. The turnover in XTF, the ETF market segment of the Frankfurt exchange, rose by 9.5% in April, up to e2.1bn.

Most of the trading involves index funds, and only 7% of trading volume is actively managed.
The average daily turnover in index ETFs on the bourse’s electronic platform, Xetra, set a new record in April with e106.5m, compared to the old record of e98.9m in January of this year.

DAXEX, the index-tracker fund on the German blue-chip index DAX, takes up almost a quarter of the total turnover with a trading volume of around e1.5bn in April. The fund also ranked 13 among the most traded DAX securities on Xetra in April.

Last Friday, Deutsche Börse added new index-tracking ETFs, which follow Dow Jones Euro STOXX and Dow Jones STOXX 600, to its selection. The funds cover banking, telecommunications, technology and healthcare sectors.