NETHERLANDS - Eric Fisher is take early retirement from his post as chief executive of the Association of Dutch Insurers, VvV, and be succeeded by Richard Weurding.

Fisher, 55, will retire as of March 1 next year. Weurding, 44, joined the body in 1987, after a career in the Dutch army.

He has had several jobs within the insurer’s organisation, specialising in life insurance, health care and pensions. He was heading the non-life department, when he was appointed as a director in 2000.

The board of the VvV will take a decision on Fisher’s successor on December 21.

The VvV is the umbrella organisation of the private insurers in the Netherlands. Based on brut premium income, the over 200 members of the VvV represent over 95% of the national insurance market.

According to spokesman Henny Zoontjes, the insurers cover approximately €25bn of the Dutch market for pension products.