NETHERLANDS - TradeShare's Andrew Caird has been appointed as KAS Bank's London-based manager new business development institutional investors, in a move to increase its focus on the UK institutional market.

Joining the Dutch securities services bank's institutional investors UK team in the newly created role, Caird will "primarily focus on the development of new and innovative business products for UK institutional investors," the firm said.

The appointment is part of KAS Bank's aim to grow its focus on the UK institutional market, according to managing director UK Laurens Vis, to whom Caird will report.

Vis said that development was partly due to the moves by the European Commission to promote cross-border pension schemes and investment products. He also saw that pension schemes and insurance companies in the UK have to think more carefully about the allocation and risk management aspects of their investments, areas  where the bank could provide assistance.

The firm wants to expand the services it already offers in the field: "the UK institutional market is a key focus area for KAS Bank and one in which we strive for strong growth over the coming years," the firm said.

Previously Caird was managing director at UK firm TradeShare, a provider of analytical and cost measurement services to investment professionals.