EUROPE - The European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) is tendering for providers to join a "panel of experts" to provide advice on financial services issues.

It is offering four lots of three contracts as part of a framework agreement covering the areas of academic experts; banking and insurance; securities and consumer policy, with the length of the contracts starting at 12 months with the option of renewal for a maximum of four times until expiration on 31 May 2014.

The 12 successful candidates will constitute a "panel of experts" to provide independent advice in the field of financial services "to strengthen the committee's knowledge and ability to assess financial services policy in connection with its role as co-legislator".

For the three positions in the banking and insurance panel, the ECON Committee is seeking candidates with knowledge on the banking side of wholesale banking and/or retail, as well as expertise in the application of capital adequacy rules cross-border supervision and accounting.

Meanwhile, on the insurance side the applicants should understand life and non-life insurance business "as well as pension funds both on the asset management side as well as sales, either from a perspective inside an insurance company or within a pension fund".

It also suggested knowledge of the application of new solvency rules, cross-border supervision and accounting instruments "would be an advantage", as would risk management experience and awareness of EU regulations relating to the field.

Each contract is valued at around €100,000, and the other three areas require:

academic knowledge of financial, banking, insurance law both at national and European level; knowledge of securities clearing and settlements, application of MiFID and the role of credit rating agencies, and consumer policy requires an academic or practical background in European consumer policy law and cross-border EU conflict-solving instruments.  

The closing date for tender submissions for all four lots is 18 September 2009 and further information can be obtained from the European Parliament's procurement department.

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