UK - Roy Carr, Bill Rayner, Paul Greenwood and John Hawkins have joined forces to form Foresight Trustees.

Having retired from Mercer "at various stages" over the last five years, only Hawkins still has a "small consulting role" advising Mercer, Greenwood explained to IPE.

Greenwood was previously head of pensions research at the consultancy. He also held the chairmanship of the Professional Affairs Board of the Actuarial Profession and of the
Pensions Committee at the Association of Consulting Actuaries.

 "The last Pensions Act has increased the financial responsibility put on trustees," said Greenwood.

"The most difficult task lies with trustees of closed final salary defined benefit schemes who have to keep up financial control of the plan until the last member dies," he added.

Foresight Trustees director Rayner stated it was "not enough anymore" for boards of trustees to rely on outside advisers.

"An experienced professional who directly contributes to decision-making should be part of every Trustee Board," he concluded.