SWEDEN - The first ever comprehensive directory of Sweden’s pensionsstiftelser, the bodies that guarantee pension promises amounting to a significant pool of assets - around SEK 110 bn according to estimates, is to be published at the end of August.

To date, there has never been a complete listing of the pensionsstiftelster, which cover retirement arrangements issued by companies according to general union/employers agreements or to specific groups of employees or self-employed individuals.
They are administered by 25 different ‘länsstyrelser’ regional authorities.

The directory, produced by Svenska Nyhetsbrev, publishers of the Swedish newsletters Risk&Försäkring and Pensioner & Formaner, contains names, adresses, board members, telephone numbers, assets under management and latest reported results of some 2580 different pension funds.

Many of them are very small, covering pension benefits for single members or just a few individuals.
More than 200 however, manage more than SEK 5m each and the largest corporate foundations i.e. banks and large corporations funds, have total assets exceeding SEK5-10bn.

The guide also lists 72 different pension associations, försäkringsföreningar, which along with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority represent assets worth a total of SEK72bn.
The directory also contains 7200 names addresses and phone numbers of decision makers in the field.

Additional information about "Svenska Pensionsstiftelser och Försäkringsföreningar 2001" can be obtained through the following email: guiden@nyhetsbrev.se.