Norwegian pensions and investment consultancy Gabler has sold 70% of its shares to private investors including the founder of Denmark’s Norli Pension.

The Oslo-based company said the new backing would allow it to expand its business into other Nordic countries.

Gabler announced that Thomas Vinge Hansen, the founder of Nordic Insurance Consolidation Group (NICG), and unnamed owners of a Swiss family office bought 70% of the group’s share capital. The remaining equity will be owned by managers and key personnel at Gabler.

Aksel Bjervik, chief executive of Gabler, said: “Through strong owners, we can significantly increase Gabler’s ambition.

“Gabler will continue to provide high-quality independent services to its customers in Norway, while at the same time Gabler will become a central platform for the new owner’s ambitions in the Nordic market.”

Gabler described its new owners as ambitious and experienced in dealing with the challenges facing investors in today’s low-interest rate environment.

The completion of the transaction is subject to approval from the Norwegian financial regulator.

Vinge Hansen was previously a managing director of Goldman Sachs in London before leaving the bank in 2014. He is a founder and director of NICG and European Insurance Consolidation Group (EICG), according to his LinkedIn profile.

NICG formed the Danish pensions firm Norli Pension – which specialises in buying and managing traditional with-profits pension schemes – from Skandia Livsforsiking’s pensions business, which NICG bought in 2015.