● Total market volume: €1.49trn
● Year-on-year asset growth: 0.7%
● Pension fund inflows: €30bn (2017: €17bn)

Germany’s Spezialfonds market showed modest positive growth in 2018 in the face of challenging market conditions, with total assets approaching €1.5trn. 

Spezialfonds are the German institutional fund vehicle of choice for most liquid asset classes, and for property within distinct structures. Segmented Spezialfonds allow assets to be managed by different underlying managers with unified reporting under the umbrella of a so-called Master KVG structure. As part of an annual review published in Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen in August, Till Entzian here presents an overview of key data.

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historic asset allocation of spezialfonds

spezialfonds volume and net inflows

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