EUROPE - Bart Heenk, managing director of the Benelux region for SEI Investments,  has left the firm.

Patrick Disney, managing director of SEI's institutional business for EMEA, confirmed Heenk (pictured, right) no longer works with the European arm of the fiduciary and multi-management provider.

It is understood Heenk is setting up his own firm in the UK, where he spent half of his time during his five years of employment with SEI, though he was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Disney has also confirmed there are no plans to replace Heenk at this stage, though he stressed the firm is still very much focused on the Dutch fiduciary pensions market and its existing client base.

 "SEI is very committed to the Netherlands and we are really focusing, ex UK, on the Netherlands. We believe we have a very experienced Dutch team with some exciting prospects," said Disney.

Jeroen van Rooij, sales director for the Benelux region, and Peter in de Rijp, managing director of client services, will take on Heenk's duties while Maria van der Giessen has recently joined the Dutch sales team, from Fortis, as a client strategist.

SEI Investments Europe has been pushing to build its presence in the fiduciary management space by targeting smaller pension fund clients in the UK and Benelux.

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