UK - Christopher Finch, former head of pensions product development at HSBC Asset Management, has left the firm to set up a specialist investment boutique for institutional and retail investors.

Tri Investments aims at catering for the “professional and sophisticated investor market” with specialist investment products. The firm will start focusing on property, but it also intends to operate “wider applications” in the longer.

The new firm is currently working on its first fund. In a statement, Tri Investment said that each fund will have “dedicated” management teams especially selected.

Finch, one of Tri Investments three directors, said: “I believe that there are now huge opportunities.

“The market is becoming increasingly orientated towards open architecture structures that take a specialist approach to product design and manager selection.”

He said he had spent “ six very enjoyable years” at HSBC, where he contributed to the development of the company’s corporate and commercial pension offerings.

During his career with HSBC, which he left in December, Finch said he also launched a range of 43 pooled funds.