IRELAND - The Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF) is seeking individuals or companies to help develop training courses for trustees of occupational pension schemes.

In addition to helping new and existing trustees to better manage their responsibilities, the courses will aim to satisfy the legal requirement for trustee training, the IAPF said.

Courses will be run separately for defined benefit and defined contribution scheme trustees.

While the number of courses offered will be determined by demand, the IAPF said in recent years it has run 7-10 per year.

The IAPF will promote and market courses among its membership and to other bodies, and be responsible for registrations and administration, including venue, food and refreshments, materials, pricing, invoicing and recovery of booking fees.

Each presenter will be paid a standard fee in respect of each day course, while additional fees will be agreed on a case-by-case basis for attendance at courses outside Dublin and for tailored courses for specific schemes.

The IAPF said expressions of interest should indicate the experience and qualifications of the prospective presenters and the fee they would charge for their presentations.

They should also indicate how they would seek to develop the course to cater for future demand.

Applications should be sent to Jerry Moriarty, director of policy, at and received no later than 6 August.

The IAPF aims to appoint presenters by the end of August.