Mirova’s Philippe Zaouati: realistically optimistic

December 2022 (Magazine)By

Asset management CEOs tend to be a clever bunch, but there cannot be many who are familiar with the work of Antonio Gramsci, the 20th century Italian socialist philosopher. 


Delivering pensions ‘like a Bosch’: Bosch pensionsfonds

December 2022 (Magazine)By

Dirk Jargstorff (pictured right), CEO of the pioneering Bosch Pensionsfonds, and Christian Zeidler, CFO, talk to Carlo Svaluto Moreolo on the fund’s 20-year anniversary

Kalshoven, Charles

Pension funds on the record: Reflections on a sobering year

December 2022 (Magazine)By ,

Pension fund managers reflect on an extremely challenging year for markets and look to the future, considering questions such as what is risk-free, how to secure inflation-linked assets, the role of central banks and the risk of liquidity crises


Ircantec: Aiming for core sustainability

November 2022 (Magazine)By

Myriam Métais andCécilia Lyet (pictured) of France’s Caisse des Dépôts talk to Carlo Svaluto Moreolo about managing the reserves of Ircantec, the supplementary scheme for public sector employees 


17Capital’s Pierre-Antoine de Selancy: Navigating NAV lending

November 2022 (Magazine)By

Pierre-Antoine de Selancy has just left a meeting with his company’s new majority shareholder, Oaktree, and is running a little late. His days are busy. De Selancy is founder and managing partner of 17Capital, a London-based boutique specialised in providing NAV finance to private equity managers.

interest rates

Pension funds on the record: how they manage LDI

November 2022 (Magazine)

Pension funds reflect on the role of LDI in their portfolios and the risks associated with an unlikely, but not impossible, sudden rise in interest rates