EUROPE - IPE is to begin covering the five trillion-euro European fund distribution market from September with a publication called European Fund Focus.

The magazine, formerly European Fund Strategy, will be re-launched in September with Brooke Donovan as Editor and IPE’s Sales Director Tony Hay as Publisher.

The move comes on the heels of the European investment fund association FEFSI announcing that the investment funds market in Europe reached the €5 trillion mark at the end of March 2004.

According to FEFSI, worldwide investment fund assets stood at €11.05 trillion at the end of 2003, indicating that Europe is challenging the United States’ position as the world’s largest investment funds market.

European Fund Focus will focus on the European market for the purchase and re-sale of investment funds, and target as readers those involved with fund products before they reach the investor.

They include those working for intermediary institutions on the analysis, selection and purchase of funds from manufacturers prior to re-packaging these funds for re-sale, sometimes to the end buyer and sometimes to other intermediaries.

The re-launch of European Fund Strategy as European Fund Focus will include a fundamental redesign, which is intended to set it apart from other magazines in the market.