BELGIUM - A Belgian pension fund has tendered a 25 million-euro hedge fund mandate for up to three managers via IPE-Quest.

The fund is set to invest the sum in a combination of three hedge fund strategies: equity market neutral, arbitrage including convertibles, fixed income and long/short equity.

The investment will be made by selecting one, two or three managers offering the products either as single hedge fund or hedge fund of fund strategies.

Responses from managers who offer equity long/short as a single strategy as well as managers who offer equity long/short as a hedge fund of funds are going to be considered.

The fund would also be interested in managers offering either two or all three strategies within a single hedge fund of funds and seeks managers who can deliver low volatility and low leverage .

Only replies for funds that are currently open to new business are going to be considered.

Bidding managers should have a European based office or branch. Markets include worldwide quality equities and bonds with high liquidity.

Deadline for applications is June 24.